The Begats

Below is a quick guide to Rectors connected with the group who grew up around the Hilltop in Columbus, Ohio in the middle of the twentieth century. We will expand this as we learn more.

Posts concerned with the background of these folks can be found in the “History” category group.

Tree trunk; This Branch:

Marcus Clay Rector – Libbie Hodgson

  • Mildred – Clinton
  • – Hollis
    • Christopher
    • Michael
  • Margaret
  • Alva – Iona
    • Arlene
    • Diane
    • Judy
  • Eva – Robert
    • Nancy
    • Janie
    • Jill
    • Robert Jr.
  • Marge – Russel
    • Rose
    • Bob
    • Patricia
  • Herb – Ruth
  • Wendell – Martha
    • John Marcus – Carol
      • Eric – Alison
      • Brian – Nataliya
    • Wendell – Carol
    • Thomas – Lynn
      • Matthew – Andrea
        • Elias
      • Andrew
    • – Kelly
      • Maria Katerina (Masha)
    • Amy – Gary
  • Jane – George
    • Joan
    • Joan
    • Susan
    • Sutton
    • Michael
    • Wayne
    • William
  • Frank – Wilda
    • Terrill
    • Cinda Jo
    • Sam
    • Ruth
    • Marla Beth

Tree Trunk:

HANS RICHTER, 1550 – ?, paid the fee for Siegen citizenship in 1585, being ‘from the country near Miessen’, from the city of Freiburg.

JACOB RICHTER, 1575 – ?; two or three sons, named in 1609 as owner of a house in Doehrstrasse in Siegen.

JOHANNES RICHTER, 1605 – ?, m Anna ? 1632; eleven children, admitted that year to the Guild of Hammersmiths and Smelters as a Reidtmeister (middleman).

CHRISTOPHEL RICHTER, 1645 – 1714, m Anna Catharine Becker 1666;; Truppich, Germany, 2K east of Siegen.

HANS JACOB RICHTER (changed to JOHN JACOB RECTOR in America), 1674 – ?, m 1711 Elizabeth Fishbach; four sons (Harmon was second, the first born in America), arrived in Orange Co., Virginia 1714

HARMON RECTOR, 1715 – 1785; m; Mary Nelson; four sons, Harmon’s youngest brother Jacob has his begats posted here (where much of the above info is from).

HENRY, 1732 – 1799; m; Nancy; 3 sons, 2 daughters

SPENCER, 1765 – 1794; m; Mary Tiffin; 3 sons, 2 daughters

HENRY CLAY, 1789 – 1854; m; Elizabeth Hotsinpiller 1812; 6 sons, 1 daughter

JOHN RITENOUR, 1813 – 1877; m; Araminta Marinda Wiggins 1833; 5 sons, 6 daughters plus

— m Sue McCoy 1864; 1 son, 2 daughters

MARCUS, 1837 – 1897 m Frances van Keuren; 5 sons, 4 daughters

MARCUS CLAY, 1875 – 1949 m Elizabeth (Libby) Hodgson 1882 – 1972; both born and raised in Big Plain, Ohio, sang in the Methodist church choir together, moved to Lancaster, then to West Jefferson where their vehicle always had a license plate starting with “Z” after that.

4 thoughts on “The Begats

  1. Never noticed this entry before. One possible error: I think Grandpa and Grandma Rector (Marcus Clay and Libby Hodgson) were from Big PLAIN, not Big Plane (that’s an Airbus).



  2. I believe John Jacob arrived in 1711. Changed his name from Richter to Rector shortly after arriving from Siegen, Germany. Founded Rectortown on land acquired from Thos. Jefferson. Subsequently a dozen or so of his brothers came over and founded Germantown, VA (and likely additional lineages of Rectors — so perhaps all US Rectors are descended from the parents of those founding brothers). If I recall correctly, we are 12 generations down from the first brother (not sure if it’s John Jacob but that sounds close). That’s all from the book in the NYCPL (on microfilm only, 6th floor, if you go). Not sure either town exists anymore. I passed by Rectortown (or at least Rectortown Road) a while back while traveling from Athens to New England but the minute we got there a torrential rainstorm started and we decided to continue on our way.


  3. I was in Rectortown, VA about 8 years ago. Still a post office, but not an incorporated town. Church with a cemetery behind. Met an old geezer who ran a fruit stand across from the cemetery and asked him about the Rector’s. Told me about “…old George. He was always a little bit crazy, and a few years ago just blew his head off with a shotgun outside his house…rat down yonder. What a fuckin’ mess…”

    Told me there were still some of his “kin” around but they don’t like strangers. Showed me where the Rector gravestones were… Did some rubbings, but damned if I know where they are now.


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