First Aces Game

As partial season ticket holder — Thanks Eric and Alison.

Here we are waiting to park while a tow truck does his business.

We’ll go to the end of this building then ramp up to the third — of six — floors to park. Five bucks, and you can use your ticket stub for a free slice at the pizza place (right beside that Ford). Hey, this is Reno. In SF they charge $20 to $40 within 5 blocks of the ballpark. This is just across the street.

Opening Day — with all new staff — is not a good time to get quick service before the game.

We’re in one of the *Freight House District* restaurants that border the ballpark. Carol is looking out the window to the field as they bring the National Anthem singer in in a limo.

Here’s the Aces starting lineup. No digitized jim-crack-scoreboard in this ballpark.

They do have a nice, big scoreboard, but it’s the kind that shows slides and short pre-made videos (such as advertising).

Our view of the ballpark. Pretty good, sez I.

As Brian promised, when the sun went down it got pretty cold, but we’re used to that from San Francisco — Not to mention Fenway Park in April. What we’re not used to is the Aces trailing 16-3 in the top of the Fifth Inning, and it’s about 9:20. We took the opportunity to leave.

And this is what was happening the next day… April snowblobs bring May flowers, we hope.

Back In The Day

Last Sunday, Bill Morris in the New York Times added to the recent meme that college athletics are “out of control” and need to be reigned in. To illustrate his point he profiles the new-ish tradition at Duke University where students camp out, now months in advance, to insure entrance to the Big Game of the year: Duke vs. UNC men’s basketball. While I agree in some part that college administrations sometimes direct athletics un-due attention and resources that are probably contrary to their founding missions as academic institutions, I also cherish the act of cheering for one’s college team as a form of pure and benign community building. And I think that Morris has latched onto the wrong symbol of collegiate athletic access when he speaks of “Krzyzyewskiville.” Then again, I may be biased because I was there, in line, at the beginning.

I arrive at Duke in the fall of 1982, and I distinctly remember our freshman orientation guide, a junior with spiky blond hair, asking our group if we followed college basketball. All ten of us looked around and then shook our heads. He smiled and said, “a year from now you will be big fans.” Frankly I was most looking forward to the ACC football season as our family were big Ohio State football fans, so I had watched many Big Ten football games growing up and finally wanted to see a college game in person. I didn’t even know if Ohio State had a basketball team, though Dad had mentioned once or twice that John Havlicek of our beloved Boston Celtics had played for Ohio State.
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The Giants Win the Pennant,The Giants Win the Pennant!

In December 2010 I chronicled the SF Giants season, culminating in their first World Series Championship in over 50 years. It was celebrated with a parade on November 2nd, and having nothing I would rather do, I was there.

Now, a scant 2 years later, the Giants went and did it again, defeating the team boasting the first triple-crown winner since Yaz, and Justin Verlander, proclaimed the best pitcher in the world. Well, the Giants swept the vaunted Dee-Troit Tigers in four games. Boom. It was over Sunday night. So the city of San Francisco threw another, bigger parade on Halloween. The world turned black and orange.

I was sorely tempted to make the drive from Reno to SF, but then regained my senses. In 2010 I rode my scooter to the parade route, and as soon as the last float passed, I rode home to watch the ceremonies on TV. No way I could get anywhere near the stage. If I drove down… well, you can imagine the scenario.

And yet… I have pictures. How can this be? It’s magic, as you shall see.

Our last 2012 Giants game at ATT Park; Giants 5 Reds 0, June 28.
Paula, Sarah and Carol. Could it have been any colder in Detroit?


The Monday Chronicle front page.

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Jocks and Rain

Edgewood Tahoe American Century Celebrity Championship

Carol and I went off to South Lake Tahoe for the Celebrity-Amateur part of this golf event. As we crossed over the mountaintop to the west side of the mountain, leading down to Tahoe, it started to rain. Bummer. First rain we’ve seen since moving here. (Geography NOTE: Reno is at 4.500 feet elevation on the east side of the Sierras, Lake Tahoe is at 6,200 feet on the west side.)

C is not into walking a lot, so we selected a spot in the bleachers at the first tee. We arrived just in time to see Rodney Harrison tee off. Each Celebrity was teamed with 3 or 4 amateurs (who allegedly paid $5K each to participate). (Never mind, there is a waiting list.)

Carol then watched Charles Barkley tee-off while I slipped over to the adjacent 10th tee to check out Alex Smith. (guys all look taller and thinner up close than on the TV)
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College Football, WooHoo

Stanford Cardinal v. Washington Huskies
October 22, 2011

Stanford Football is not your big-time SEC or BIG 10 affair, but damn, it’s fun.
I’ve managed to go to a Stanford football game each year for the last 3. Love it.

2009 versus Oregon with Sarah, a normal and sunny afternoon game. I got tickets from the Stanford website and knowing nothing about the stadium, settled for upper deck, Row XX, above the student section. I discovered that in this 50,000 seat, newly remodeled stadium, there are no bad seats. Stanford won in a wild game 51-42, but it was not without thrills, as the Ducks mounted a 21 point comeback in the 4th quarter and were driving as the clock expired.

the view from our high seats... note the sprinkles of yellow ducks in the far corner

2010 versus Wake Forest with Carol, Paul and Kathleen, an 8pm start on general admission tickets, upper deck end zone, procured by Kathleen, who works at Stanford. Stanford kilt Wake 64-24.

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So I’m reading the Chronicle at lunch and it announces a Giants World Series Trophy Tour. Season ticket holders have been able to make appointments to have their picture taken with the Trophy since the season ended, but not a whiff for “just fans” like me.

“For more than 52 years, our dedicated fans have supported us through thick and thin,” said Giants Managing General Partner and CEO Bill Neukom. “The trophy belongs to them as much as it belongs to us and we want to extend the World Champions celebration throughout Giants country and to thank our fans.”

It says a press conference with Mayor Newsom, Bill Neukom and Giants President Larry Baer would be held at city hall at 11:30, and the trophy would be on view to the public in the South Sun Court from 1pm to 3pm. I looked at the clock; 12:45. What am I waiting for? I got on my scooter, bound for City Hall.

The Trophy Tour truck in front of City Hall

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