Bussie and Lizzie go BOOM

photo by Jon Hale

Sent to Carol by Jon:

Ok everyone – the details are:

The cremains will be going up in the very first two shells starting the fireworks show at this week’s Festival finale (usually somewhere in the 10 to 10:30 p.m. window).  Those first two shells will be what are called Gold Glitter Crossettes (plenty of YouTube video available upon Googling that phrase to review exactly what that variety looks like).  Attached is a photo of the actual shells I received today, nicely labeled In Memory Of.

I don’t know who all will actually be attending the concert, but Michelle and I will be at a table, should be fairly easily found as we’re in the very last row of tables (row K), on the side nearest the main entrance, table number 21.  If anyone else knows exactly – or has at least some sense of – where they’ll be onsite, let us all know so we can greet each other as best we can at some point during the evening, in what I hope will be a good sized crowd.

I hope we can all get some good photos of the Hale fireworks to share.

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A Visit to the PHX AZ Rectors

Giants Spring Training — WooHoo

We went on a Road Trip, Carol and I. Our main objective was Giants Spring Training in Scottsdale AZ. Every year, I’ve talked about going to spring training and every year Carol would say, “I can’t take time off at that time of year.” Carol retired — WooHoo — so this year, we bought the Giants Spring Training package. Tickets to 3 games and hotel for three nights, tee shirts, caps and other goodies. We’re going to spring training!

After the games — around 5 on Sunday evening — we popped over to Tempe to visit my Uncle Frank, 93 and Aunt Wilda 89 and 3 of my Phoenix area cousins that I’ve hardly seen since childhood. Wilda — always full of energy and hustling around — served some snacks and a ridiculously good cherry creme dessert.

Everybody posed for pictures.

Carol Frank Wilda Marcus

Cinda, Frank, Wilda, Sam, Marla
That’s all folks…